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Welcome to CAOP

Labour markets and labour relations have changed a lot over the past few years. The labour market continues to develop at a rapid rate. All organisations are affected, including those in the public sector. How do we solve the problem of shortages in the labour market? How do we deal with the increasing diversity and the ageing workforce? How are we influenced by legislation from Brussels?

These questions will be answered for you by CAOP. CAOP advises and supports more than two hundred employers in various sectors, including the Dutch government and the education and health care sectors. CAOP is the largest knowledge and service centre with regards to the labour market and labour relations within the public domain.

CAOP as a source of information

Constant developments in the labour market and the ever changing nature of labour relations require an insight into the trends and evolutions pertaining to labour. Whether in education, health care or government, labour-related issues are relevant to any organisation involved with the public domain. These issues include the diversity of the workforce, questions with regards to the recruitment and retention of various groups and methods of dealing with the demographic ageing of the workforce.CAOP initiates discussions on labour related issues. We share and implement information using best practices and other solutions. This is done independently and in conjunction with other parties, such as the Abeda and Ien Dales institutes. CAOP’s goal is the development, exchange and distribution of information to create a fully functional public domain.

 CAOP focuses on:

•Labour shortages
• Employment policy – according to life phase
• (Cultural) diversity
• Integrity
• Employee participation
• Social security
• Efficient modus operandi
• Employment in the public domain

CAOP does not concentrate exclusively on the Dutch labour market. Communicating Brussels’ legislation to our employers is important as more labour issues are being dealt with on a European level. 

Services offered by CAOP

Do you have questions regarding labour issues? CAOP has years of experience in the following areas:
• Labour market finance
• Official- and labour legislation
• Arbitration and mediation
• Whistle-blowing regulations and integrity
• Employee participation
• Development of terms and conditions
• Safety and security
• Job satisfaction
• Reorganisation

CAOP offers a broad spectrum of services. These include legal advice concerning reorganisation and advice regarding whistle-blowing regulations. When it comes to employee participation, we offer training, workshops, advice and support. CAOP also provides coaching and offers support in dealing with communication and research problems. 

Our advice is based on practical application and positive results. CAOP employs over 200 professionals with experience in employee participation, the labour market and labour relations. Our project chiefs, secretaries, communication specialists and administrative staff will give tailored advice and will support the appropriate processes in an efficient manner.

With our broad spectrum of services, our knowledge, experience and extensive network, we are able to answer all your queries regarding labour markets and labour relations within the public domain.